EF and its partners are leaders in Youth Engagement, Local Economic Development, Public Policy and Institution Building, Independent Media and Cross-Border Programs. These programs are essential to the prosperity and stability of the countries where EF works, and are models of excellence in accountable governance, measurable programmatic impact, and sound financial management.

Youth initiatives help empower and engage young people, providing them with creative outlets to apply their energy, intellect, and ingenuity to bring about positive change in their communities.

Successful local development builds cooperation among the public and private sectors. These programs are removing governmental barriers to small business growth, providing employment assistance, training entrepreneurs and helping them gain access to capital.

Local governments become more responsive to community needs through capacity building, increased transparency and establishing institutions that gather and analyze reliable data for informed policy decisions.

Technical assistance and grants are provided to independent media outlets to improve editorial practices, enhance financial sustainability and increase the use of new digital tools that allow for stronger connections with the communities they are serving.

The Eurasia Foundation Network programs advance cross-border cooperation to address shared regional challenges with activities that promote closer cultural and business relations between conflicting countries.

Dedicated to the generous and gregarious spirit of Eurasia Foundation’s late president, the Bill Maynes Fellowship supports emerging leaders from the countries in which Eurasia Foundation works.

In 2007 Eurasia Foundation, together with a local partner, established a Nonprofit Organization Resource Center in Qinghai province to provide training, consultation and technical support to community groups who wish to help improve their own communities.

Eurasia Foundation has used cutting-edge technology and open-source software to establish two distinct online schools, one catering to female entrepreneurs and one geared towards social entrepreneurs, as well as a program of online distant education courses.

Eurasia Foundation launched the Sarah Carey Program in 2012 to honor its long-serving chair Sarah Carey, whose deep con¬nection to the Eurasia region spanned more than 50 years. The Sarah Carey Program aims to capture Sarah’s pioneering spirit and her belief that business and law – creatively...