Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services

2016 - 2024
Area of Expertise

Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) is an eight-year, $43 million program that works with Ukrainian citizens, the central government, and municipalities to improve public procurement, e-services, and access to open data to help reduce corruption.

Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity transformed the executive and legislative branches of government in 2014. Since then, the government of Ukraine has prioritized increasing public sector transparency and accountability through e-governance reforms, including e-procurement, open data, and e-services.

Transparent and open governments require readily available information about government operations and are more efficient due to reduced opportunities for corruption. Through the USAID and UK aid-funded TAPAS project, Eurasia Foundation and partners provide technical assistance and training that enables the government of Ukraine to implement visible and successful reforms in public administration and services to greatly reduce corruption. Eurasia Foundation leads a consortium of Ukrainian and British partners to deliver this program. The consortium engages directly with the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade, and Agriculture of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, as well as local governments, educational institutions, technology companies, civil society organizations, and citizens of Ukraine in 35 target municipalities.

TAPAS is designed to achieve three key results:

  • Large-scale use of e-procurement: Electronic procurement becomes the standard approach for the majority of public procurements in Ukraine.
  • Effective open data program: All 18 central ministries and at least 35 municipalities with populations greater than 100,000 publish data on a regular basis under an open data program.
  • Development of e-services to fight corruption: Select key public services are largely free of corruption through transparency, process improvement, and automation.

Learn more about TAPAS here.

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