Eurasia Foundation’s TAPAS Project Develops Digital Tools to Support Ukraine at War

March 10, 2023

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Eurasia Foundation’s Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) project rapidly redesigned activities to meet urgent wartime needs. We remain in constant, close communication with government and civil society partners to assess evolving priorities.

Eurasia Foundation is committed to strengthening governance and agile public service delivery during war. To support the reconstruction of Ukraine, including zones liberated from Russian forces, TAPAS is also providing expert guidance on the effective use of public funds post-war. Below are examples of our key wartime responses to date.

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Key TAPAS Wartime Responses to Date:

  • Ensuring the security of state information systems and data protection. Protecting state information systems and data is a top wartime priority for the Government of Ukraine. TAPAS secured e-procurement platform Prozorro’s data outside Kyiv, provided a system backup outside Ukraine, and ensured continuous system operation without interruption. TAPAS also secured systems and data for the Single Electronic System in the Construction Sector, the National Health Service of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Calculating damages of war-torn Ukraine and supporting the country’s recovery. One month after the war began, TAPAS supported the Ministry of Digital Transformation to launch an e-service on the Diia mobile app to collect information about property that has been damaged or destroyed. By early May 2023, Ukrainians had submitted more than 373,000 notifications on damages, equating to more than 23 million square meters. As part of the development of a system for collecting information on damaged and destroyed real estate, TAPAS supported the Ministry for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development to launch the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property, which is a key element in the management of Ukraine’s reconstruction. In May 2023, TAPAS supported the launch of eRecovery, a new e-service in Diia that allows users to apply for funding to repair damaged homes.
  • Responding to war challenges via Diia, a government service for citizens. TAPAS supported the Government of Ukraine with the development and launch of high-priority social e-services on the Diia mobile app to support Ukrainians living in regions with hostilities, internally displaced persons, and an economically active population. Within an expanded version of the eSupport (ePidtrymka) program, launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, almost 5 million applications from employees and private entrepreneurs working in war-affected areas were submitted via Diia, more than 3 million of which received payment, amounting to UAH 22 billion (approximately $735 million) of assistance. TAPAS also helped the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the State Employment Service with the development and launch of two e-services for the registration and cancellation of unemployment status.
  • Coordinating aid from private donors, charities, and Ukrainian and international organizations via the humanitarian e-procurement platform Prozorro+. As of February 2023, contracts have been signed to meet 105 of these requests, which were covered by donor funding valued at over $64,000.
  • Supporting Ukraine’s businesses and trade operations with international partners via eQueue. TAPAS supported the Ministry for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development to launch eQueue, an electronic border crossing system for cargo vehicles to help to decongest checkpoints at the Ukrainian border. Over 36,800 vehicles crossed the border using eQueue as of February 28, 2023.
  • Documenting environmental destruction with EcoThreat. EcoThreat is a web portal and mobile application, developed with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, that informs residents of Ukraine about the state of the environment and allows users to submit reports about environmental threats and damage, including those caused by war. EcoThreat is part of EcoSystem, an online government platform also developed by TAPAS, that contains environmental information for government agencies, businesses, and the public and allows businesses to receive environmental public services online. As of February 2023, EcoThreat had received more than 2,300 verified reports of environmental damage, supported by photo evidence.


Updated May 10, 2023