Home Again: Celebrating One Year of eRecovery

May 24, 2024
Five people sit on stage in front of a large screen wall. The screen displays information about eRecovery and the logos of USAID, UK Aid, Ukraine's MCTID, MDT, Eurasia Foundation, and the East Europe Foundation.

On Saturday, May 11, Eurasia Foundation celebrated the first anniversary of the eRecovery program with our partners in Ukraine. This cutting-edge digital service allows residents whose property has been damaged by wartime hostilities since February 24, 2022, to apply for compensation on the Diia app, Ukraine’s digital portal for state services. Ukrainians with destroyed homes can apply for housing vouchers to buy a new residence. 

Eurasia Foundation’s Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) project supported the Government of Ukraine to create and launch eRecovery and continues to support the service’s development. Since its launch in May 2023, eRecovery has provided over 57,000 Ukrainians with funds to repair their homes or purchase new ones. 

Eurasia Foundation celebrated this milestone at an anniversary event organized by Ukraine’s Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development (MCTID) with support from the Ministry of Digital Transformation (MDT). Representatives from each ministry spoke about eRecovery’s results and shared what’s next for the service. 

“The eRecovery program is continuously evolving and improving, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Ministry for Restoration and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, local municipalities, and our partners’ support,” said Oleksandr Kubrakov, former Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine and Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine. “After all, it is important to create conditions within the country that facilitate the return of as many Ukrainians as possible to normal life.” 

To mark the occasion, the MCTID revealed a mini-documentary titled Home Again. The film follows the stories of two Ukrainians, Serhii and Galyna, who lost their homes in the early days of Russia’s invasion. Through eRecovery, Serhii received funds to repair his home in Gostomel, while Galyna obtained a housing voucher that allowed her to purchase a new apartment in Kyiv. 

Watch the documentary below to learn about eRecovery’s innovative history and what developments lie ahead.