U.S.-Kazakhstan University Linkages Program

2023 - 2024
A group of adults sit in a university classroom, deep in discussion.
Area of Expertise

The 12-month U.S.-Kazakhstan University Linkages Program (UniLinks), funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Mission to Kazakhstan, fosters collaboration between higher education institutions in the United States and Kazakhstan. 

By uniting higher education institutions in both countries, UniLinks aims to enhance Kazakhstani universities’ financial and administrative management, strengthen their capacity to produce and promote high-quality research, and diversify their financing options.  

UniLinks will approach this goal in two phases. First, Eurasia Foundation will organize a tailored study tour for three representatives from three Kazakhstani universities in West Kazakhstan Region. Participants will visit various U.S. partner universities that specialize in their area of focus. The study tour will provide participants the opportunity to learn first-hand how U.S. universities manage administrative, financial, and research priorities and expose participants to innovative ideas. In the second phase, EF will competitively grant funding to one Kazakh university to implement an initiative with a U.S. partner.  

By enhancing Kazakhstani universities’ operations and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with U.S. peers, Eurasia Foundation supports these institutions to promote effective learning and knowledge sharing long beyond the program’s end.