Welcome from Our Chairman and President

Jan Kalicki
Horton Beebe-Center

Welcome to Eurasia Foundation’s website. We hope that by visiting this virtual window into our organization you will get to know our programs and partners better and take away a fresh sense of what is possible when committed people come together to tackle shared challenges.

On our site you will see programs that range from advocating for Internet freedom in the Middle East to strengthening civic organizations in Belarus and enhancing access to justice in Central Asia. Across the Eurasia region, we collaborate with our five regional partners in the Eurasia Foundation Network, and throughout the Middle East and China we work with an array of talented local organizations.

Through inspiring, first-hand accounts, you will learn how our initiatives are changing the lives of individuals and the trajectories of their societies. And you will discover a common thread stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to Western China and from northern Russia to the Arabian Peninsula: the crucial contributions of women and young people as they build their futures.

The important work of Eurasia Foundation and its partners around the world would not be possible without the enduring interest and commitment of friends like you. We encourage you to spend time on this site and to contact us if you would like to learn more about the Foundation and about opportunities to participate in our programs.