Ukraine Digital Transformation Activity

Eurasia Foundation is proud to announce the Ukraine Digital Transformation Activity, dedicated to building resilient systems for a secure, prosperous future.

Mother-Daughter Duo Readies Young Women in Rural Tajikistan to Pursue STEM Education

Learn how this mother-daughter duo is gamifying education in rural Tajikistan to get more girls involved in science and technology!

The Shelter Program

Join us in helping Ukrainian children, teachers, and families seeking safe shelter in schools.

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Photo of the side of an apartment building that has sustained significant shelling damage.


eRecovery: How a Revolutionary Digital Service is Helping Ukrainian Families Rebuild

More than 516,000 buildings and apartments have been damaged since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, leaving thousands of Ukrainians. Fortunately, a new digital service created with support from Eurasia Foundation’s TAPAS project has helped more than 55,000 Ukrainian families repair their homes or buy new ones.