Looking Forward: Our Strategy for 2023 and Beyond

EF President Lisa Coll reflects on the challenges of 2022 and her vision for the future.

Support for the People of Ukraine

Everyone can play a role in supporting the people of Ukraine during this turbulent time.

Young Activist Forges IT Talents in Tajikistan

Farrukh realized that the tech sphere has plenty of employment opportunities. With EF support, Farrukh is helping students in Tajikistan accelerate their tech skills.

The Shelter Project

Join us in helping Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes to seek safe shelter.

Partner with Us

We believe in the power of partnerships to engage citizens and empower communities globally. Join us.

Eurasia Foundation envisions a world where all people have the opportunity to realize their potential and transform their societies.

Where We Work

Eurasia Foundation is engaging citizens and empowering communities globally.


Digitalization of the Construction Sector: Simplifying Business and Paving the Way for Transparent Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine

“If you compare the permitting process before versus now, it is like heaven and earth,” says Stepan, a real estate developer in western Ukraine, after successfully using new digital tools for the construction sector.