Capacity Building

Equipping organizations and individuals with the skills and tools to maximize performance and drive enduring impact. 


Eurasia Foundation helps local and national organizations respond to community needs, elevate constituent voices, and fulfill their missions. We train leaders from diverse sectors to craft tailored strategies to address common challengessuch as access to citizen services and accessibility for people with disabilities. Using custom-built tools, we work with organizations to evaluate their institutional and financial viability and develop action plans for capacity improvements. We offer guidance in developing the governance, fundraising, program management, communications, human resources, and financial management policies essential to sustainability and long-term impact.


Curbing Corruption in Pandemic Spending

Between March and September 2020, emergency COVID-19 procurement in Kazakhstan amounted to nearly $1 billion. As the crisis deepened and citizens across the country became increasingly dependent on state healthcare, so too did activists begin to question the effectiveness of public health spending.