Harnessing technology to facilitate civic engagement, strengthen institutions, and broaden access to information. 


Eurasia Foundation uses technology as an essential tool in supporting civil society and civic engagement. For over a decade, we have created and maintained online platforms to serve as e-learning hubs, knowledge repositories, and networking and community-building portals. Our platforms support civic actors to develop critical knowledge and skills, access information and resources, and sustain powerful networks in challenging and hard-to-reach environments. We also support the creation of digital tools to improve transparency in governance. We use technology to help citizens better understand their governments and hold them to account, and support governments to better reach and support their citizens.


Digitalization of the Construction Sector: Simplifying Business and Paving the Way for Transparent Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine

“If you compare the permitting process before versus now, it is like heaven and earth,” says Stepan, a real estate developer in western Ukraine. Within the past year, Stepan has successfully used Ukraine’s new Single Electronic System in the Construction Sector (SESCS) three times. It has revolutionized his work permitting process.