Civil Society

Supporting citizens to participate in local and national decision-making processes and shape their futures on their own terms. 


Civic participation is the bedrock of globally-minded, citizen-oriented societies. Eurasia Foundation equips civic leaders with skills and resources to effectively identify and address pressing social challenges in their communities. We provide training and technical assistance to encourage cooperation among diverse actorsincluding civil society organizations, community activists, and the media—and local governments and the private sector. Together, we help communities shape public policy, hold government accountable, promote peace and inclusion, defend human rights, and contribute to the well-being of all people.


Paving the Way to a Cleaner City and a More Environmentally-Conscious Community

Kayirzhan Aisin is a young eco-activist from Petropavl, Kazakhstan. With support from EF, Kayirzhan launched Eco Life, an environmental stewardship program. Eco Life aims to improve the environmental situation in Petropavl by offering practical classes and hands-on opportunities to engage with and improve the environment.