Online School for Social Entrepreneurship

2009 - 2017

Eurasia Foundation’s Online School for Social Entrepreneurship supported emerging social entrepreneurs in Iran as they created and applied innovative solutions to address pressing community problems. Utilizing an experiential learning model, participants tackled important issues such as access to education, rural development, and biodiversity protection.

The program offered a set of interactive online courses, led by subject-matter experts, on project planning and management, financial management, human resource management, and interpersonal skills. EF used a social learning approach to spur creativity and collaboration among aspiring social entrepreneurs. Throughout the courses, participants exchanged ideas, problem-solved, and offered guidance as they implemented social projects in their communities. The program also offered one-on-one coaching and consultations to build local expertise on program evaluation and fundraising practices. Through this program, EF also developed a series of practical resources on leadership skills addressing topics such as effective team-building, strategic thinking, and conflict management.