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Nino Nanitashvili, who uses video games and technology to reach across Georgia’s borders, spent two weeks in Washington last October as the Eurasia Foundation’s 2015 Bill Maynes Fellow.

5 years 5 months

To recognize civil society innovators who use technology to bridge divided communities, Eurasia Foundation has chosen Nino Nanitashvili from Georgia as the recipient of the 2015 Bill Maynes Fellowship.

6 years 5 months

On December 10, EF convened its annual Bill Maynes Panel to discuss innovative ways to advance public health policies. The two fellows, Dr. Elena Dmitrieva of Russia and Andriy Skipalskyi of Ukraine, joined veteran HIV/AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves and Russia expert Dr. Matthew Rojansky to talk about how to promote health in their respective countries.

6 years 5 months

Dedicated to the generous and gregarious spirit of Eurasia Foundation’s late president, the Bill Maynes Fellowship is a program that supports outstanding individuals from the countries where Eurasia Foundation operates.

8 years 4 months

“Nobody wants us to succeed,” admitted Roza Otunbayeva, the former interim president of Kyrgyzstan from 2010 to 2011.

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