Encouraging Youth Environmental Stewardship

November 25, 2017

It’s never too early to start caring for our planet. That’s what Adhira, an EF course participant, communicates with elementary school students across her region. An environmental activist, Adhira launched an NGO to educate youth about the natural world.  

To bolster her leadership skills, Adhira enrolled in several EF courses for social entrepreneurs. These trainings equip social leaders to craft innovative solutions to social problems. Participants also join EF’s robust alumni network, allowing them to collaborate with other social leaders near and far. 

After graduating from the course, Adhira and her team of five applied their newly honed skills to launch several outreach projects. One project offered elementary school children the chance to tend to their own tree. Adhira’s team helped students to plant trees on a nearby deserted stretch of land. As they cared for their trees, Adhira hoped each student would learn essential skills in environmental stewardship. 

In another creative outreach initiative, Adhira’s NGO staged educational theater productions at local schools. To raise awareness about water pollution, the team performed at 27 public and private schools, reaching a total of 2,000 students.  

With such dynamic and far-reaching projects, Adhira’s mission relies on volunteers. EF’s alumni network has enabled her to connect with and recruit volunteers who can continue inspiring children to care for our shared Earth.