School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Trainer


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  • Job Type: Consultant


Eurasia Foundation’s (EF) School of Entrepreneurship and Leadership (SEAL) is an online entrepreneurship program for Russian youth. The program will develop the entrepreneurial skills of Russian youth between the ages of 21-29, providing them the first-hand opportunity to learn from the U.S. culture of innovation and self-reliance. SEAL participants will enroll in an intensive online course teaching them to launch or expand a small business. The course will combine traditional online classroom lessons with hands-on and applied assignments and by designing customized business plans. Upon completion of the academy, the top five students in the online course will travel to the U.S. for a two-week study tour showcasing American innovation, networking with U.S. entrepreneurs, and additional training. Students will accumulate points throughout the course for regular attendance, timeliness and quality of submitted assignments, and quality of their developed business plan. The participants with the highest point totals will travel to the U.S. at the end of the course.

The consultant will be primarily responsible for design and delivery of the online course. The course targets Russian youth between the ages of 21-29 seeking intensive training to launch or expand a small business. The course is divided into two phases, the Learning Phase and the Practicum Phase. The Learning Phase will focus on specific, practical skills necessary to launch, sustain, and scale up a small business. Sessions in this phase should be broadly applicable to small businesses across a wide range of sectors. In the Practicum Phase, students will build a business plan tailored to their own business. Business plans will outline a plan for at least one year of sustaining and scaling each student’s business.

The consultant will design, assign, and grade practical homework assignments for students to complete between live sessions. Homework should be assigned after each session and should complement the live sessions and provide students with practical skills and resources necessary to maintain a small business. The consultant will teach students to build business plans, providing one-on-one guidance and coaching to each student. The consultant will evaluate participant assignments and assign point values based on developed grading rubrics.

As an expert in entrepreneurship and startups, the consultant will provide input to EF staff on the entrepreneurial merit of participants and their assignments to help select students for the course and which participants will travel. Although the course will be mainly taught by the consultant, guest speakers may be engaged to share expertise during some sessions.

This course is not for college or other certification credit. The course should emphasize real-world skills and practical application of assignments and activities. The course should be designed and delivered in such a way that students will be prepared to launch a small business in their home communities following course completion.


Consultant will design and deliver the online course as described above in close coordination with SEAL staff. Specific responsibilities and deliverables include:

- Participant selection support, including evaluation of student applications, particularly evaluating applicants’ entrepreneurial merit;

- Design and delivery of online course, including development of all course content, including course curriculum, homework assignments, and live session content; delivery of twelve 60 to 90-minute live sessions with students, every other week between February 1 and June 30, 2023;

- Grading and assigning point values to biweekly homework assignments submitted by students;

- Provide one-on-one coaching to course students during the Practicum (business plan development) phase of the course for up to 40 hours (up to 2 hours for each of 20 students); and

- Traveling participant selection support, including evaluation of the quality of students’ business plans and assigning point values.


 Master’s degree or equivalent in education, social sciences, management, or a related area required; Combination of education and years of experience is an acceptable substitute. 


Experience with developing and delivering learning pedagogy on entrepreneurial startups, with emphasis on practical applications and training

Experience delivering engaging and impactful online courses

Experience working with adult students (age 21-29)

Relevant working experience in the region preferred


Fluency in Russian is a plus, but not necessary