Leadership Facilitator


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  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
  • Job Type: Consultant


Eurasia Foundation (EF) is seeking individuals with experience and expertise in providing instruction for online training courses to provide them with tools and strategies to boost participants’ self-confidence and leadership capacity. The individual should have experience presenting to diverse groups of individuals in an engaging and interactive manner to motivate participants and build up their leadership capacities. 


• Provide remote instruction and facilitate online training courses;
• Interact and check-in with course participants to discuss the challenges they face in the transition to online and learner-centered classrooms and collaborate with learners to accommodate their needs;
• Seed discussion questions in forums and monitor participants’ involvement in the social learning platform;
• Facilitate networking opportunities among the participants in Afghanistan and the diaspora;
• Introduce additional educational resources to participants on related course topics;
• Help participants in identifying most pressing issues and develop a strategic action plan with robust risk mitigation;
• Analyze and evaluate the impact, outcomes, and risk of the online course and provide recommendations:
• Utilize student-centered approach and encourage respect for ideas voiced during facilitation;
• Arrange and organize group meetings, encourage discussion among participants, play a neutral role, and help to resolve arguments. 


• Master’s degree or equivalent in education, social sciences, management, development, or a related area required; 


• Experience working with Learning Management Software (LMS) and online platforms is highly preferred;

• Experience with developing a strategic plan, particularly towards practical social learning, networking, and inclusivity; 


• Ability to complete an entire training cycle (assess needs, plan, develop, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate);
• Ability to effectively deliver and present course material/information to others;
• Strong interpersonal skills to build a positive relationship with the course participants, consultant, and project team;
• Demonstrated experience as an in-person or online training facilitator;
• Fluency in written and spoken Farsi/Dari is required;