Virtual Training Consultant


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  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
  • Job Type: Consultant


Eurasia Foundation (EF) is seeking a qualified service provider to implement a 5 to 6-week virtual learning program in September 2022. The final timing and timeline of this program are yet to be confirmed and will be determined by the availability of the participants and desired components of the program. The training will be conducted for the team members of EF’s Innovative Training Solutions department and will focus on how to plan, design, and facilitate online learning. 


 Design and facilitate a 5–6-week training on how to design and facilitate online learning for the team. 


Master’s degree preferred 


• At least five years of successful experience in conducting impactful team building and leadership workshops for diverse teams.
• At least five years of work experience in leadership, coaching or human resource (HR) positions.
• Ability and experience in identifying and addressing conflicts and opportunities in diverse work environments.
• Proficient knowledge of communication strategies.
• Strong teaching and facilitation skills.
• Farsi language skills are highly desired but not required. 


As a result of this learning experience, the following impact is desired. Participants will:
• share a common approach to adult learning and language
• More consistently offer and receive input into learning designs and facilitation
• More consistently design sessions that align with the objectives of the programs and the needs of the participants
• Experience increased confidence in design and facilitation
• Experience increased joy in their work
• Experience increased positive feedback from participants in their learning events and see an increase in learning impact among their participants
• Feel more comfortable interacting and contributing to dialogue at internal sessions.