Team Development Consultant


  • Date Posted:
  • Region: North America
  • Country: United States
  • Job Type: Consultant

• Location: Washington, DC
• Date Posted: September 18 2021
• Application Deadline: July 31 2022
• Job Type: Consultant


Eurasia Foundation (EF) is now accepting applications for a skilled Team Development Consultant (TDC) capable of improving the communication, coordination, and cooperation amongst our Innovative Training Solutions (ITS) staff. EF is a US non-profit organization promoting world-wide civil society development and good governance. Our ITS team specializes in providing online and in-person training seminars to civil-society stakeholders located in restrictive and hard-to-reach environments. The consultant will guide ITS senior team with Effective communication, cultural diversity, setting boundaries, appreciate and leverage cultural diversity, build an inclusive and trust-based team culture and environment, based on dialogue and open feedback. A successful TDC will further suggest and implement improved operation processes to enhance EF's overall productive functions. The TDC will have to submit a proposal for leadership development for the ITS’s core leadership team of roughly 8-10 people and a larger team of 22-23 people.


• Review internal communication processes and provide written and verbal assessments of observed organizational customs.
 • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of current working customs.
 • Suggest clear communication and trust building strategies.
 • Propose solutions to overcome internal deadlocks.
 • Develop team-building exercises.
 • Facilitate strong professional relationships amongst team-members.
 • Prepare and introduce effective and technical team building and communication tools.

• Design and facilitate a team development workshop for ITS staff.



• At least five years of successful experience in conducting impactful team building and leadership workshops for diverse teams.
• At least five years of work-experience in leadership, coaching or human resource (HR) positions.
• Ability and experience in identifying and addressing conflicts and opportunities in diverse work environments.
• Proficient knowledge over communication strategies.
• Strong teaching and facilitation skills.
• Demonstrated ability to engage diverse teams around a common objective.
• Strong social-skills, ambitious, outgoing, and overall charismatic disposition.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks and successfully meet deadlines while quickly producing high-quality work is essential.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
• Farsi language skills are highly desired.