East Europe Foundation of Ukraine

East Europe Foundation’s mission is to empower citizens to build their own futures by mobilizing resources, strengthening communities and fostering public-private cooperation.

Launched in November 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine by Eurasia Foundation, East Europe Foundation of Ukraine (EEF-Ukraine) is a local non-profit, non-governmental developmental NGO which builds on the Foundation’s experience by further developing the most effective programs. EEF-Ukraine shares its founder’s commitment to innovation, seeking to support successful community-driven development initiatives.

EEF-Ukraine’s board of directors, advisory board, management team, and staff constantly seek to refine the Foundation’s program directions, ensuring that it maximizes its impact for the people of Ukraine. EEF-Ukraine currently focuses on the following programs: Local Economic and Social Development, Effective Government and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Philanthropy.

For more information, visit the East Europe Foundation of Ukraine website.


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