Curriculum Developer for Educational Advocacy


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  • Region: Global
  • Country: Global
  • Job Type: Consultant


Eurasia Foundation (EF) is accepting applications for an expert to design and develop an original curriculum for online workshops and training on educational advocacy for a cohort of teachers in a restrictive environment. EF seeks individuals with experience and expertise in developing practical courses on this subject matter for online e-learning audiences. The expert is responsible for identifying the key concepts of the workshops and training, designing, and producing the content to promote engagement around educational advocacy and related topics in the classroom.


-Design content and workshop/course structure with the aim of creating an engaging and practical online learning environment for remote educators;
-Determine weekly topics and subtopics and learning goals for each week;
-Include real-life examples and case studies to effectively facilitate learning;
-Develop weekly content, including activities, main readings, forum discussions and weekly assignments that will achieve the course’s desired learning outcomes;
-Provide clear assignment policies, expectations, and due dates;
-Work with the program staff to revise the content as necessary, to ensure that content is clear, technically accurate, and engaging;
- Further information about curriculum design expectations will be discussed during the interview process.


-Strong demonstrated experience and background in professional training, advanced knowledge in educational advocacy as well as supporting advocacy training projects. Experience with developing online learning pedagogy, particularly towards practical social learning, networking, and inclusivity.
-Master’s degree or equivalent in education, social sciences, management, or a related area required; Combination of education and years of experience is an acceptable substitute.
-Ideal candidates have relevant working experience in Farsi-speaking countries; Fluency in written and spoken Farsi/Dari is a plus.