Community Engagement and Accountability Initiative

Civil society organizations in many countries struggle with broadening their community engagement and maintaining a high level of transparency, both of which are necessary for effective service delivery and representing their constituents. To successfully support citizens, civil society organizations must constantly cultivate trust and accountability with their constituents by strengthening their own capacity and systems for integrity.

Eurasia Foundation's Community Engagement and Accountability Initiative is a grassroots approach to increase openness and inclusion at the local and national levels. Designed in response to community needs and based on EF’s experience supporting civil society capacity development, this program provides advocacy organizations with the training and governance skills needed to address their organizational challenges and exercise greater influence on local decision-making. With this initiative, EF is helping organization leaders be more accountable to their male and female constituents.

The program’s three interactive online courses aim to strengthen capacity to engage citizens and develop long-term community trust and involvement by facilitating productive dialogues, sustaining long-term partnerships, and providing the tools to design effective projects that reflect community needs. The online courses all adopt a framework centered on empowering the voices of the least powerful constituents.

After completing the remote coursework and exercises, leaders move forward to implement advocacy campaigns that incorporate the strategies learned, including meeting with constituents in a participatory design or co-creation process to respond to constituent-identified needs.

EF continues to coach both participating organizations and their constituents as they collaborate to implement their campaigns for transparency and inclusiveness.

To establish a continual learning loop, the program fosters international networks of civil society organizations and identifies and shares best practices among them. Select civil society leaders will be invited to a multi-day workshop in Georgia to continue learning about community organizations in other environments and establish relationships with their international counterparts.

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