EF programs have helped kickstart the careers of aspiring journalists in Central Asia by teaching students practical media skills through Kloop Schools.
Between 2010 and 2013, EF partnered with Bishkek's Kloop Media to open schools throughout the region. Kloop Schools provide students mentorship from established journalists and teach skills through classes including news editing, social media, videography, and media ethics and law. Mentors also provide consistent editorial reviews of students' work. The program teaches skills that combat disinformation and the spread of fake news. Young journalists develop effective media skills and hone their judgment early on. Ultimately, this separates the good journalists from the best journalists.

Though the schools were initially sponsored by EF, Kloop School career-building initiatives continue independently today. Their success lies in the development of hundreds of first-class journalists who are not afraid to ask tough questions and report truthful and independent stories.