Online Education

Online Schools

Eurasia Foundation (EF) has used cutting-edge technology and open-source software to establish two distinct online schools- one catering to women entrepreneurs and another geared towards social entrepreneurs in the region. The online programs offer social learning courses in diverse skills, including: * Business Plan Development * Leadership * Human Resources Management * Marketing The online courses present students with real life challenges of starting a business or a social enterprise. The course work is presented in forums to encourage students to learn from each other’s experiences.

Distance Education Learning

EF’s online distance education learning programs are more flexible than face-to-face courses. They allow working students to interact with each other around busy schedules. Through forum discussions and automated emailing, students have ongoing opportunities to share and learn from each other. This results in rich discussion through the day and into the night as they find time. EF also uses online media to promote social networking among professionals. Utilizing two different platforms, drupal and buddypress, EF continues to experiment with how to connect and facilitate learning among a large group of niche professionals.