Local Economic Development

EF believes that successful local development must focus on strengthening cooperation among the public, private and civic sectors to remove governmental barriers to small businesses, provide employment assistance, train entrepreneurs, and help them gain access to capital.

Our programs engage all levels of society – from young people, nonprofits, and independent media outlets to business leaders and government officials. We support local social entrepreneurs and organizations that combat poverty and find innovative solutions to community needs.

Believing citizens should take responsibility for their own economic prosperity, EF and its partners support numerous local programs whose goals are job creation and economic sustainability. These individual projects help local partners and entrepreneurs resolve problems using local resources, providing assistance with a combination of grants, networking opportunities, and training.

Focusing on disadvantaged populations such as women, persons with disabilities and labor migrants, EF provides opportunities for these individuals to improve their skills to contribute to their local community’s economic growth and business development.

To date, the EF and its partners in the EF Network have created 22,832 jobs and invested more than $1 million in assisting migrant workers secure safe and legal employment.

Countries: Ukraine