Institution Building and Public Policy

Community progress in many countries is hindered by lack of public accountability to the needs of citizens. EF programs help local governments become more responsive to public needs through capacity building, pushing for increased transparency and establishing institutions that gather and analyze reliable data for informed policy decisions. Working with local partners, EF builds and improves societal relations based on the principles of responsibility, accountability and participation.

One of EF’s greatest accomplishments was started in 1995. EF launched a multilateral donor initiative to modernize economics education and research in Ukraine – the Economics Education Research Consortium (EERC). EF established a two-year English-language Master’s program in economics, taught in accordance with international standards.

EERC became an independent institution in 2003 with EF as its founder, and has since grown into the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), offering an international caliber Master’s degree program with joint degree with the University of Houston. It is now a world class school taught and managed by Western trained Ukrainian economists. The KSE economists produce research published in international journals and also provide policy advice to the government. The Kyiv School of Economics has served as a model for higher education initiatives which EF has continued to implement in the other countries. To learn more about KSE or about our Institution Building and Public Policy Programs, click here.

Since 1998, the Kyiv School of Economics has produced 462 graduates: 86% of whom now work in the public or private sector; 37% study or have studied abroad; and 73 graduates have received their PhDs from western universities.