Civil Society Development

In China, where promoting community development requires the pairing of local expertise with best international practices, EF has been active since 2007.

EF partners with a local organization in the remote province of Qinghai to establish the NPO (nonprofit organization) Resource Center. The Center has organized study tours for local NGO leaders designed to facilitate discussion and other exchanges with mature NGOs throughout China. These study tours provide participants with a variety of successful models of development practice which could be adapted for use in Qinghai.

EF, through this program, strengthens it's local partner's capacity to assist community development in Qinghai by promoting active citizen participation and by providing training to nascent community groups in the region. Over the last several years, the Center has generated strong and continued demand for its services, with active usage of its library resources, a high level of participation in Center training programs and study tours, and successful results on project-related technical assistance. In addition, the program has provided funding support to some of the Centers beneficiaries to support the needs of rural communities while nurturing service oriented community leaders. The Center has also become a go-to place for donors who are interested in working with Qinghai. The Center has been intrumentals in garnering donor support for 36 communities projects ranging from repairing school building, providing clean water and basic health care training to rural communities as well as providing economic opportunities to women. The Center also assists the community groups in the successful implementation and evaluation of these projects.