Bill Maynes Fellowship

Dedicated to the generous and gregarious spirit of Eurasia Foundation’s late president, the Bill Maynes Fellowship is a program that supports outstanding individuals from the countries where Eurasia Foundation operates. The fund builds personal and professional bridges between emerging leaders in countries in which we work and their counterparts in the United States. The fund is entirely financed by private donations.

Significance of the Fellowship Program

The Bill Maynes Fellowship Program offers a distinctive opportunity for emerging leaders from countries in which we work, including the Middle East. With its extensive networks and deep local knowledge, Eurasia Foundation is uniquely positioned to identify civil society leaders before they emerge on the national or international stage. Eurasia Foundation brings people together on a daily basis who would not otherwise interact. The Fellowship goes beyond citizen-to-citizen exchanges and forges deep professional connections between experts and organizations.

Whom we are seeking

  • Citizens of countries in which Eurasia Foundation works (including the Middle East)
  • Individuals working at local, national, and international levels with a record of achievement or exceptional future promise in one of the following fields: micro and small business; independent media; open and responsive governance; community development; youth or gender advocacy; or other areas that support civil society.
  • Commitment to fully take advantage of a rigorous program of meetings, speaking engagements, presentations, and practical involvement at various institutions during the course of the Fellowship
  • Experienced partners of the Eurasia Foundation Network
  • Candidates with a good command of the English language

Selection Process

Nominations can be made by anyone provided nominees meet the above-mentioned criteria. Self-nominations are encouraged and will be reviewed on an equal basis. Selection of finalists for the Bill Maynes Fellowship are made by committee and finalists are invited for 2-3 week fellowships in the United States. All costs associated with the Fellowship including round-trip economy-class air transportation from participant’s home country, food and accommodation are covered by the Bill Maynes Fund. Please email Zhenya Khilji at with further inquiries.

Bill Maynes Fellows


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2010 Bill Maynes Fellowship Reception