Graphic Design and Branding Consultant


Location: Global
Date Posted: December 21, 2017
Application Deadline: January 15, 2018
Job Type: Consultant


Project Overview
Eurasia Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018, and we are planning a series of activities and events that will raise our profile. Under our brand, we operate three departments with distinct activities, programs, and sector focuses. To help celebrate our anniversary and reflect on our past, we are seeking a 25th anniversary version of our current logo to be used on collateral, social media, event invitations, programs, and signage, and other print and online materials, as needed. Our brand refresh will also include a secondary color palette to complement our current palette of four colors to provide greater flexibility in categorizing our activities. The brand refresh will also include a new design and template for two-page leave behind brochures. The new and updated elements will be documented in our brand guidelines. 

Eurasia Foundation Background
Eurasia Foundation (EF) is an international nonprofit organization that engages citizens and empowers communities to take responsibility for their own civic and economic prosperity. 

Founded in 1992 (beginning operations in 1993), EF uses best practices in advocacy, institutional development, and cutting-edge online training and education tools to foster the next generation of leaders in the Middle East and North Africa, China and the Eurasia region. 

Mission Statement
Eurasia Foundation believes societies function best when people take responsibility for their own civic and economic prosperity. Through cooperation based on mutual respect, our programs equip citizens to define and achieve outcomes of enduring benefit to their communities. While building the leadership skills of women and young people, we help small business become more successful, local government more responsive and civic organizations more effective and resilient.

Engaging Citizens, Empowering Communities 

Current Situation
Eurasia Foundation seeks to refresh or update our visual identity to mark our 25th anniversary and to appeal to our audiences, including donors and clients, program participants, beneficiaries, and networks. Our current visual identity dates back to 2006, although brand guidelines have relaxed in recent years. With this increased attention, we would like to update or refresh our branding without undergoing a massive change. In addition to modernizing the look and feel of our brand, we would like to increase brand options to reflect our diversifying organization. In addition, a 25th anniversary version of our current logo will help brand the entire year of activities.

Eurasia Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization. Our anticipated budget range is $1,000-$3,000



  • Suggest secondary palette to complement Eurasia Foundation’s primary color palette
  • Develop template for two-page brochure print collateral including icons or color signifiers to identify four distinct categories. Each category represents a department plus one general overall.  
  • Create 25th anniversary (silver anniversary) version of our current logo in stacked and horizontal versions. The current logo must be the main logo element with some kind of accent signifying our 25th year. 
  • Provide consultation on updated open source font options for headers and body text in serif and sans serif options
  • Update Eurasia Foundation’s visual identity standards manual/brand guidelines

Required Deliverables

  • Two suggested color palettes, including Pantone, Hex, RGB, and CMYK color values. Color values may be provided after palette selected
  • Three distinct template design choices. Our team will select one.
  • Three 25th anniversary logo choices. Final selection in workfiles and EPS format.
  • Suggestions on coordinating open source fonts, at least one header and one body in both serif and sans serif (four total)


Proposal Requirements
Firm Information
Provide agency’s name, address, URL, telephone and fax numbers. Include name, title and e-mail address of the individual who will serve as agency’s primary contact. Include a brief description and history of your firm.
Project Approach
Please explain your project approach, style and process.
Provide brief biographies of key staff
Proposals should include a list describing projects that are similar in scale that your firm has completed. Please include at least one in-depth case study that includes a limited number of creative samples. Where possible, highlight work for analogous organizations.
Schedule and Timeline
Proposals should include the proposed work schedule, timeline, and deliverables resulting from each task outlined in section II. The contract is expected to begin February 1, 2018 or sooner.
Proposals must include the estimated cost for all work related to tasks and deliverables outlined in the schedule/timeline.
Current Visual Identity materials
Please contact me directly on or after January 2 to request current brand guidelines and logo files.
Please submit your proposal by January 15, 2018
Submit to
Ms. Courtney Calvin
Senior Communications Officer
1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste. 1000
Washington, DC 20036

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