New Eurasia Foundation

New Eurasia Foundation’s mission is to enhance people's lives through social and economic development programs carried out at the regional and municipal levels in Russia. New Eurasia Foundation (FNE) attracts and applies the best local and international expertise and innovative technologies available and consolidates the efforts of the public and private sectors to ensure reliable and effective solution to pressing social development problems.

FNE was formed in 2004 by Eurasia Foundation, Brussels-based European Madariaga Foundation and Russia’s Dynasty Foundation and is based in Moscow, Russia. It implements a broad portfolio of programs, each designed to further one of FNE’s two strategic program areas: enhancing social development and human capital or improving the competitiveness and innovative potential of Russia’s territories.

The Foundation uses a complex approach to territorial development. All of the Foundation’s projects and programs are interconnected and logically complement each other. This applies to the large-scale cross-sectoral initiatives designed to address regional development problems, as well as to the integrated socially meaningful initiatives that are specific for certain territories. All project and program activities are implemented in cooperation with municipal and regional bodies of power, representatives of the business community and non-commercial organizations.

The Foundation’s principal program areas include the following: Territorial Development, Support of Education, Development of Migration Processes, Development of Regional Mass-Media, and Special Initiatives.

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