Eurasia Partnership Foundation

Eurasia Partnership Foundation’s mission is to empower people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives.

Since November 2007, when it launched as an independent foundation, Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) has worked in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. These 3 offices are led by the President’s Office in Tbilisi and are governed by an international board of directors. Each office pursues a common mission and shares governance and management structures to promote coordinated work across borders.

EPF is both a grant maker and a program implementer and is guided by five program mandates and approaches: Creating Opportunities for Civic and Economic Participation; Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Research to Improve Policy-Making; Fostering a Culture of Corporate and Community Philanthropy; Cross-Border Cooperation; and Open Door Grant Making. Eurasia Foundation has supported and implemented more than 2,000 projects and invested nearly $90 million in the South Caucasus.


EPF supports a number of parallel and collaborative programs in the South Caucasus, including:

  • Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement, which is building ties and developing mutual understanding among Armenian and Turkish peer groups in the non-governmental, media, and business sectors.
  • Caucasus Research Resource Centers, a network of resource, research and training centers in the capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, which is strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus.
  • Unbiased Media Coverage of Armenia-Azerbaijan Relations, which is increasing accurate and unbiased media reporting on bilateral relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
  • Youth Bank Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, an initiative designed to increase opportunities for young people aged 16-30 to volunteer in their communities and promote a culture of civic activism. Participants learn to manage small pools of grant money, overseeing fund distribution to support small development projects led by other community youth.

For more information, visit the Eurasia Partnership Foundation website.