Partner Foundations

The Power of the Network

Eurasia Foundation was created in 1992 to empower people of the former Soviet Union to actively participate in the social and economic development of their countries.

Since 2004, Eurasia Foundation has evolved from a U.S.-based foundation with multiple field offices into the Eurasia Foundation Network – a constellation of affiliated, locally registered foundations in Russia, Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Ukraine, and Moldova that work in partnership with the U.S. foundation. In creating independent, indigenous institutions capable of pursuing Eurasia Foundation’s mandate, we have demonstrated an enduring commitment to the region and increased opportunities for attracting local and international support. In this way the Eurasia Foundation Network strives to do more than advance the agenda of one particular country; we embrace our shared aspirations and work together to achieve them.

Launched in Moscow in 2004, New Eurasia Foundation (FNE) enhances people’s lives through effective social and economic development programs carried out at the regional and federal levels of Russia.

Launched in 2005, Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia (EFCA) mobilizes public and private resources to help citizens of Central Asia design and execute projects that strengthen their communities.

Launched in 2007, EPF serves Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It promotes transparent governance, corporate philanthropy, cross border cooperation, youth engagement and evidence-based research.

Launched in 2007, East Europe Foundation of Ukraine (EEF-Ukraine) promotes effective government, local economic and social development, and responsive philanthropy.

Launched in 2010, East Europe Foundation of Moldova (EEF-Moldova) empowers citizens and supports sustainable development through programs that build democracy, good governance and economic prosperity...