On Tuesday, October 21 Eurasia Foundation honored outgoing Deputy Secretary of State William J. Burns for his lifetime of service to the country and for his efforts to bring Americans and citizens of the Eurasia region closer together. He was presented with the 2014 Sarah Carey Award and gave...
Eurasia Foundation is proud to announce the 2014-2015 class of the Young Professionals Network. YPN is part of Eurasia Foundation’s efforts to cultivate the next generation of professionals working on the Eurasia region.
EF has supported small business in Eurasia. See what we're doing right now to expand on it.
Through training and consultations, EBL improved the practical knowledge and skills of hundreds of government and civil society representatives charged with helping vulnerable people.
2014 Sarah Carey
2014-2014 YPN Class
EF and small business
EBL in Central Asia