In 2007, Eurasia Foundation set up East Europe Foundation of Ukraine (EEF-Ukraine) as an independent organization as part of its drive to establish partner foundations throughout the region. EEF-Ukraine builds the capacity of institutions and establishes local partnerships through grant programs and technical assistance, contributing to effective local governance, quality education, energy efficiency, and social responsible corporations.

EF's current programs in Ukraine include:

Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) offers master’s degrees in financial economics, economic analysis, and business economics and positions its graduates for success in business and academia. The school has a fully Ukrainian Western-trained faculty, and operates at an international standard. Eurasia Foundation was a founding donor in 1995 and administered the program until it emerged as an independent institution in 2003. Over the years KSE has enabled hundreds of Ukrainian students to land top jobs in business, academia and public administration.

  • 90 KSE alumni have completed their PhD’s in competitive international PhD programs
  • 300 of KSE’s 516 graduates remain in Ukraine thanks to the school’s efforts to provide viable career paths in Ukraine.

EEF-Ukraine’s e-governance initiatives in southern and eastern Ukraine are increasing the transparency and accountability of the local authorities and improving the delivery of citizen services. In the Odessa region on the Black Sea, a bilingual website now provides information on the business climate, rules on foreign investment, how to develop investment proposals, and where to turn for advice on doing business. The government approval process for business proposals has been accelerated by the digitalization of all documents. In Dnipropetrovsk, local authorities launched a portal to enable citizens to send requests to government officials for documents, information, or services. While still in the early stages of testing, the portal has already received high ratings from both the local city council and citizens.

For information on EEF-Ukraine’s current programs, visit their website at East Europe Foundation of Ukraine.