In 2004, Eurasia Foundation set up New Eurasia Foundation (FNE) as an independent, Russian organization as part of its strategy to establish partner foundations throughout the region. FNE implements programs designed to enhance social development and human capital and improve the competitiveness of Russia’s territories.

EF’s current programs in Russia include:

The US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange is a diverse network of Russian and US civil society experts and social entrepreneurs engaged in a meaningful exchange of ideas and best practices to produce positive change in the lives of citizens in both countries. SEE is driven by five interconnected components:

  • Working Groups are the core of SEE. Program participants gather in working groups to determine joint priorities for collaboration, and to design and implement innovative projects that bring benefit to the people of Russia and the US. These groups are organized around twelve distinct thematic areas: business ethics and compliance, child protection, community development, education and youth, protection of flora and fauna, gender equity, higher education, rule of law and the community, collaborative media, migration, public health and social entrepreneurship.
  • An annual conference brings together SEE members to evaluate joint priorities for action and to identify specific means for achieving them.
  • Every year SEE conducts an open competition for linkage projects that involve collaborative solutions to issues affecting both countries that tie in with at least one of SEE's Working Group priority areas.
  • Fellowships are awarded to advanced and emerging experts in civil society, offering the opportunity for a more intensive engagement with civil society in the US and Russia through a professional exchange at various host organizations. During their service of up to eight weeks, fellows further advance the collaborative activities of SEE’s working groups.
  • SEE's Steering Committee provides guidance on strategy, principles, and decision-making. Its members, selected for their social sector expertise and international partnership experience, represent foundations, think tanks, educational institutions, NGOs and commercial entities in both Russia and the US.

The Independent Media Development Program is a project of EF and FNE. Through seminars, training sessions, internships, and exchanges, it works to improve the quality of work of media professionals, including editors, journalists, designers, and advertising and distribution specialists.

  • More than 65 regional newspapers assisted, impacting upwards of 15 million readers in Russia
  • Kachkanarskii Chetverg (Kachkanar Thursday), one of the newspapers supported by the program, received the annual Best Russian Regional Newspaper award in May 2012

For information on FNE’s current programs, visit their website at New Eurasia Foundation.