In 2010, Eurasia Foundation set up East Europe Foundation of Moldova (EEF-Moldova) as an independent organization as part of its strategy to establish partner foundations throughout the region. EEF-Moldova focuses on economic development, good governance, and social action.

EF's current programs in Moldova include:

EEF-Moldova coordinates and represents the voice of nonprofits in Moldova. The National Participation Council (NPC) is a body of 30 representatives from civil society organizations that participates in the formulation of strategic priorities for the country’s development. NPC monitors the websites of 33 government bodies to ensure transparency in decision-making as required by law. EEF-Moldova president Sorin Mereacre was elected to serve as NPC’s first chairman in February 2010. He was reelected to a second term in 2011.

Youth Bank, an innovative grant making initiative run by young people for young people, encourages youth to participate and volunteer in their communities. Youth Bank in Moldova has brought hundreds of young people together to resolve local community development issues by raising finances from local businesses and working with local governments. In partnership with the local business community and mayor in the village of Rusetii Noi, two Young Bank participants spurred the redevelopment of a local park.

For information on EEF-Moldova’s current programs, visit their website at East European Foundation of Moldova.